TATEMS Installing on Terminal Services/Remote Desktop Services or Citrix for Remote Access

TATEMS Installing on Terminal Services/Remote Desktop Services or Citrix for Remote Access

For Terminal Services aka Remote Desktop Service do a Full Install 
Logged as Administrator and using Add/Remove Programs or the 
Terminal Service aka Remote Desktop Services- Application
installer to navigate to the setup file called:

tatemsmsi.exe on the CD or download.

If you try to launch TATEMS and it flashes on and then off then...

Go to Windows update and you should see a number of updates for Office XP/Access 2002 

If not force Windows update to check (You may have to turn on get updates for other MS products as well under advanced)

Run all those updates and that should fix the issue. 

If you don't see them in Windows update you can also try manually grabbing and running those updates from here:

When TATEMS is installed on Terminal Services aka Remote Desktop Services
or Citrix only one person at a time can access via remote access.

If you need to let more than one person at a time use TATEMS via
remote access then each additional simultaneous user will be required
to have their own license.

Here is the work around to let more than one person at a time have
access to TATEMS.

After the install is finished...

Create a sub folder for each user that will log in to use TATEMS
in this folder

C:\Program Files\TATEMS 2005 
(or in C:\Program Files (x86)\TATEMS 2005 on 64bit)

For Example for you might use

C:\Program Files\TATEMS 2005\Scott

copy this file


in the

C:\Program Files\TATEMS 2005

folder to each users sub-folder folder
( EXAMPLE: C:\Program Files\TATEMS 2005\Scott ).

Then log in as each user and send a shortcut to the desktop for that
file in the corresponding folder that matches the user name.

You can use the wrench.ico as the icon for the shortcut you create.

Then use the shortcut you create instead of the one created by the

You can delete or hide or move the one created by the installer.

Whenever you do an update you will need to copy TATEMS2005.mde to each
of the users sub-folders. You can create an Xcopy batch file to do the
job for you. 

You will need to own a separate license for each different user when
logged in to terminal services or Citrix server in this configuration.

Use the link below to see a video tutorial showing you how to setup
TATEMS on a Terminal Services Desktop with multiple user logins:


And use the link below to see how to setup TATEMS as a RemoteApp for
multiple users so that you only give your users access to TATEMS and
not to an entire desktop on the Terminal Services Server:

The best deal we found to add more RDS/TS licenses was here at Amazon

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