Windows 8 Installer Issues

Windows 8 Installer Issues

This problem may occur if one of the following conditions is true:

a) The Windows Installer files that are on your hard disk are damaged or are missing.

b) You install or remove a program that uses the Windows Installer Microsoft Software Installation (MSI) package file (.msi). For example, this may occur when you try to install Microsoft Office on your computer.

Method 1: I would suggest you to run the Microsoft FIXIT from the link as it automatically repair program installation issues that installing or removing program fails because of corrupted registry keys or blocked installation and check if it helps.

Fix problems with programs that can't be installed or uninstalled

Method 2: I would also suggest you to follow the steps from the link and check if the issue persists.

How to troubleshoot problems when you install or uninstall programs on a Windows-based computer

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