Windows 10 Update Failed for Microsoft Access 2002 Or Office XP KB904018 Error 0x80096004

Windows 10 Update Failed for Microsoft Access 2002 Or Office XP KB904018 Error 0x80096004

If you see failed update for Windows 10 for Access 2002 (KB 904018 -- see below for more KB numbers other KB numbers that may not update during Windows updates)

You can ignore that old update. 

That old update does not help TATEMS in any way

You can hide the failed updates here: 

Microsoft does not have the that update publicly available anymore but if you want to you can download it a and manually install it from the Wayback machine on here:

You can also go to the Wayback machine to search for any updates by the KB number (ex: KB 904018) to find out what they were for.

For example for here  and type enter this

To search for a different KB article just replace the number at the end to search for your Microsoft support KB article

You can also try this free service search for old MS KB Articles and downloads that are not longer on the Microsoft website

Here are some other Office xp (2002) updates missing from the Microsoft website that can be found and downloaded on the Wayback machine at web,

We have also unloaded the files listed above to dropbox in case the wayback machine goes offline in the future.

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