Tracking Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Usage

Tracking Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Usage

As of Sep 12, 2017 we do not have a specific way to track DEF usage

I'm thinking we would need to create a complete new tab called "DEF Log" that would have most of the same stuff as the fuel log except maybe the states/provinces traveled miles/kms.    

The other idea is to a DEF button to each row of the fuel log that would open a popup form to enter the DEF gallons/ltrs , cost per gallon/lrt and total cost of DEF during that fueling. 

Then we would have to add some extra reports that a DEF specific and probably add DEF into the existing fuel log reports and cost per mile reports

As that how you would see it?    


In the meantime you might try adding as fuel log entry and in the PO Num Column put DEF.    

This would skew the cost per mile report in TATEMS but would allow us to create a custom spreadsheet to separate out the DEF from the non DEF purchases.    

You could  also try using the Vendor  dropdown and add something like  Pilot - DEF  to indicate it was a DEF purchase and how may gallons/ltrs  is was.    

Then you just create an extra row below the fuel row and use the DEF vendor dropdown.  

For Reports under Reports->More Reports->Report Type: Fuel Log

you can can choose the report called :

All Equipment Grouped By Vendor And Equipment 

to see your costs broken out by the vendors and the vendors that have -DEF appended on to the their name.

Please leave any comments below on how you would like to see DEF usage handled in TATEMS. 

Thanks Again

Marc Ready

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