TATEMS on Wireless network or with spotty network connectivity

TATEMS on Wireless network or with spotty network connectivity

TATEMS will work fine over a wireless connection 
if your wireless connection never gets interrupted
and has a strong signal. 

When you loose connectivity to the file on the server
TATEMS will lock up. This can be very detrimental(corruption)
to both the data file and the front end file if
it happens repeatedly.

A better solution for the computers that have spotty
connectivity is to to install TATEMS on a Terminal
Services server and access it via Remote Desktop Access. 

Or use something like gotomypc or VNC on the computers that have
spotty connectivity and have them connect via Remote Accerss in to
a desktop that has TATEMS installed and that also has
solid connectivity.

In the meantime on the computers that have spotty connectivity
you should delete the local data file on their machines because
TATEMS will default back to the local data file if it can't connect
to the file on the server.

If you delete the local data file they will get an error message
telling them that TATEMS can't find the data file. They will be presented
with a dialog to find the data file and re-link to it. Tell them not to
search for the data file but to close TATEMS, wait and try again later when
then network is back up.  

To check connectivity from the spotty client to the server 
you can create a desktop shortcut on the client that points to 
the folder where the TATEMS data file is stored on the server. 

The user should open that shortcut on the spotty client
before opening TATEMS to make sure they have a clear connection. 

See how to install TATEMS on Terminal Service Server here

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