TATEMS Crashes or Repeated Error Messages

TATEMS Crashes or Repeated Error Messages

If you keep getting multiple error messages then there are a few possible issues.

Make sure you have a good backup, see:

A few things you can try (test if TATEMS is working properly again before moving 
on to the next step):

1. Restart your computer and try again.

2. Re-apply the current update. You can get it here: 

3. See if a backup copy of the data works by renaming the backup to the default 
file name TATEMS2005be.mdb

4. Try a backup and compact from within TATEMS if you can open it.

5. Backup you data and then Uninstall both TATEMS and the Microsoft Access 2002 
Runtime then re-install TATEMS then restore or link to your data file.

If none of those work then you might want to send us your data file.

Data backup instructions are below:

To Backup TATEMS Data

In order to save and backup your data you need to make a backup copy of a file 
called:  'tatems2005be.mdb'.  This is the file that contains all the data you 
enter into the program.  
This file is in the default folder: 
C:\Program Files\TATEMS 2005\

Or located on your server.

You may not see the ".mdb" because your known file extensions are hidden by 
default in windows.   You can unhide your file extensions
by going to the View tab under Tools, Folder Options in Windows Explorer.

See figure at: 
The program needs to be closed whenever you backup or restore this file. 
If you ever have to reinstall the program you can restore this file back into 
it's folder after reinstalling in order to work with the backed up data.

If you need to send me your data file you can zip (using winzip from winzip.com) 
and upload your data file to me:

TATEMS2005be.mdb that is in the default folder:
C:\Program Files\TATEMS 2005\

Or located on your server.

Send the data file to tech.support@tatems.com via:

Let us know when it's completed uploading then we can take a look and fix the 
problem.  Don't make any changes while we have  the database though because 
they will be overwritten with the file we send back.


We can also take a look remotely if you like if you are current on your support
and version updates.