To Backup TATEMS Data:

Here is a video we created to show you how to backup:

See the above video on Youtube


In order to save and backup your TATEMS data, you need to make a backup copy of a file called tatems2005be.mdb.

tatems2005be.mdb is the file that contains all the data you entered into the program.

This file is in the folder

C:\Program Files\TATEMS 2005\

Or the folder below on a 64 bit system

C:\Program Files (x86)\TATEMS 2005\

TATEMS must to be closed on all computers whenever you backup or restore this file.

If you ever have to reinstall the program, you will need to restore this file back into its folder after reinstalling in order to work with the backed up data.

A couple of additional things need to be addressed here. There is a Backup and Compact feature in TATEMS under

Tools->Backup and Compact.

You can see this feature in action if you go see the   video here   and   here

The Backup and Compact feature only allows you to backup the data to the same folder where the data file is housed. (You can now   backup to any location see the video here   and here   )

So if the data file is in

C:\Program Files\TATEMS 2005\

then the backup file will be created in that folder.

The backup file will be Date/Time stamped within the actual file name. It will look something like this:


The 7-19-2006 is the date part and the 09-12 is the time part in 24 hour time (9:12AM).

This can be useful if you want to go back to a “point in time” backup to see where some mistake was made or something went wrong.

These “point in time” backups and any backups for that matter should be moved off the hard drive to a CR-R, a Zip drive, USB drive or memory card for safe keeping.

The “point in time” backups should also be moved off your hard drive because they can quickly start taking up space, especially if you do them on a daily basis.

You can always link to a point in time backup by using the Networking Tool in TATEMS.

Under: Tools->Networking. This will allow you to see what’s in a file without having to rename it.

Regardless of which approach you use to backup your data, you should do it on a daily basis.

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