Odometer or Hours Meter Replacement

Odometer or Hours Meter Replacement

You can do 1 of 3 things.

1. Create a new piece of Equipment and enter your last lube inspection mileage by adding the difference.

So if your last lube was done at 30000 miles and was due at 36000 on a 6000 mile lube/service and the odometer died at 34000 then you would enter -4000 as the last lube/service because you only had 2000 more miles to go before it was due again. So once the vehicle has gone 2000 miles then it would be due again.

2. Or use the notes or the description fields to enter the actual mileage where the odometer failed then add that amount to each new odometer reading for current miles / lubes / inspections anything. Because that would be the actual miles on the equipment.

3. Delete all the old odometer entries by choosing "View All" in the Update Odometer and Hours Screen and then selecting all the rows by dragging down the selectors along the left side.

Then for your Lube Service resets create a new Lube Service Type for each of the Lube Services you used on the equipment and don't give it an interval then change all the previous lube service to that new type that does not have in interval.

So for example if you had a Lube/Service type that was called "5000 Mile" you would create a new one called "5k b4 Odo Replaced". And use that newly created one to replace all the previous entries entries then create 1 new one using the original "5000 mile" that does have an interval.

If, for example,  it had been 10 miles between the time the last "5000 mile" lube service was done and the odometer broke then you would enter that that Lube/Service was done at -10. Then fill in the rest of the Lube/Service just like the last one that was done before the Odometer broke, but also add a note explaining what you did or what the entry represents.

Here is a video showing how to do option 3: