My computer crashed how do I restore my TATEMS data?

My computer crashed how do I restore my TATEMS data?

If your computer crashed and you have a backup of the data 
file then...

The first thing you'll need to do is install the full version of TATEMS
on the new computer.

You can download TATEMS full version here

Then you'll need to copy the data file backed up from the old computer to the new computer.

In case you did not already know...

Your data is stored in a file called:


You may not see the ".mdb" because your known file extensions are
hidden by default in windows.

You can unhide your file extensions by going to the View tab under Tools,
Folder Options in Windows Explorer 

see image at 

This file was in the folder

C:\Program Files\TATEMS 2005\

TATEMS needs to be closed whenever you backup or restore this file.

So copy the backed up data file from the old system to the new system and put it in the same
folder on the new system.

C:\Program Files\TATEMS 2005\

after you copy it to the new computer, right click in the file TATEMS2005be.mdb
and choose properties. Then make sure to un-check the Read Only property and click OK. 

Then start TATEMS on the new system and make sure all your data is there.

The new machine will require a new registration number so...

You will need to send us a support ticket with the serial number and the version number that displays on the
registration screen so that we can generate a registration number and send it back to you
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