Moving TATEMS to a new computer

Moving TATEMS to a new computer

***These instructions apply to computers that do not store the data file on a network server.  If your data is on a network server simply install TATEMS on the new computer and then use the networking tool in TATEMS to re-link to your data file on the server.

To move TATEMS to a new computer follow these steps:

1. If you have not expired you can download the full installation of the latest version of TATEMS for your new computer here:

Please be sure you are current on support and version updates or eligible to run the latest version.

If you have expired you can renew here​​​​

If you need to install an old version you can grab one of the old version installers here:

2. Copy the data file (tatems2005be.mdb) over from the old computer to the new computer. This file should be located in: 

C:\Program Files\TATEMS 2005\ 
C:\Program Files (x86)\TATEMS 2005\ on a 64-bit system 

by default and should be placed in the same directory TATEMS is installed in on the new computer.


3. After installation you will need a new registration number, we will need the following 3 things in order to generate a new number for you:

a. Computer name
b. Serial number
c. Version number

You can find these 3 things on the registration screen that appears when you first start TATEMS on the new computer.

You may have to enter the registration number in twice; once after first installing and again after moving your tatems2005be.mdb file over.

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