How to get a TATEMS Registration number

How to get a TATEMS Registration number

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If you already own TATEMS and need a registration number after purchasing we will need the following three pieces of information:

1. Serial Number 

2. Version Number

3. Computer Name

These three items all appear on the TATEMS registration screen when you start TATEMS without a registration number entered. 

You can submit the serial number, version number and computer name by creating a support ticket or e-mailing

Or call 1-702-260-1541 Option 3 and leave the above info and we will call you back or email you a registration key.

If have not purchased and you want to purchase TATEMS license(s) you can do that here :

Or call 1-702-260-1541 Option 1 to Order TATEMS Licenses.


If your copy of TATEMS suddenly started asking for a regisration key:

The reasons why a computer will ask for a registration # are:

1. You updated the version.

2. You changed the name of your computer.

3. Installed TATEMS on a different computer..

4. You are sharing data between computers that are not networked.

If reason #4 click on this link to learn more.

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