How to Email Reports and Printouts

How to Email Reports and Printouts

TATEMS does NOT have the ability to e-mail a report directly.

But there is a way it can be done!

You'll need a way to create a PDF document when you print, instead of printing to paper.

When you install a PDF creation program it will install itself as a printer that you can see when you look at your printers and faxes in Windows.

The full version of Adobe Acrobat(not the Reader)is about $300.

I have found a much cheaper, and I think, better solution that's called PDF Creator for $29.95.

You can see it here:

After you install it you will see "PDF Creator" listed as one of your printers.

If you right click on the "PDF Creator" (listed under Printers in Windows) and then choose "Set as Default", then all reports in TATEMS will automatically print to PDF.

On many reports in TATEMS you can choose which printer to print to if you preview it first then you could select the PDF Creator as the printer. 

The cool thing about the "PDF Creator is that when you click to print a report in TATEMS, a dialog will popup.

The dialog allows you to enter a document Title, Author, Creation Date, Keywords and a couple of other options.

The pop up dialog also has an e-mail button, so you can email the report without having to go search for it. This is a very nice feature.

So check it out

and start E-mailing or even saving your TATEMS reports and printouts in PDF format.
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