How to create reminders for Lube/Service(Preventative Maintenance, PM) and 90 Day Inspections ( alerts, notifications, schedule )

How to create reminders for Lube/Service(Preventative Maintenance, PM) and 90 Day Inspections ( alerts, notifications, schedule )

All reminders are based on the last time an item was done and the interval
that item is based on. (Miles/km or Hours or Days)

For Lube/Services (PM)  just choose the Lube/Service type
or create a new one in the dropdown list.  (If you made a mistake on the interval
go to Forms-Dropdown List Maintenance->Lube/Service Types to edit and fix it. )

The lube service type should have an interval based on either
Miles/Km  or Hours or Days.

Then enter the last time it was done and the odometer or hours meter reading it
was done at.

See the videos under

Lube Service Tab


If you have items based on Miles/Km  or Hours you have to make sure you
are updating the current odometer and hours for that piece of equipment
by using the big button(Update Odometer and Hours) on the
Equipment Summary Screen.

To start/initialize the reminders counter for 90 day inspections, you have
to enter the last time one was done for that piece equipment. 

See the training videos:

90 Day Inspections Tab


The reminders screen will popup when you start the programmed choose
yes to check for reminders.  And will also ask you if you want to check every
so often throughout the day.

You can also see the reminders any time by clicking on menu
Forms->Reminders Popup.

When you open the Reminder Popup screen you will  see a large button at the
top that says "Edit How Soon to be Notified" . From there you can enter
how many miles/km or hours or days before items are due; before they
start showing up in the Reminder Popup screen.

We have defaulted them to start showing up on the Reminders Popup screen at
1000 Miles/km, 10 Hours and 10 days before items based on any of those
intervals is due.  These are global settings for you entire fleet.
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