How TATEMS Backups work and solving a backup failure

How TATEMS Backups work and solving a backup failure

When TATEMS does a backup and compact the first thing it does is rename the data file name from:
to a date time stamped file name, like this:

The backup file above would have been renamed on Mar 17, 2011 at 7:25AM

Once the file is renamed then Microsoft Access will create a new empty default data file called 'tatems2005be.mdb'.  It will then compact and repair the original data into the newly created file.

Sometimes a backup will fail, usually because of a hardware or networking or power glitch.  When that happens the new file may not get created or it may not get the complete information from the renamed, point in time backup file. 
The result is that TATEMS may lock up or crash and when you open TATEMS again the program will not be able to find the default data file. 
To remedy the error you need to make a copy of the renamed point in time backup. That is the file with the most recent date time stamp in the file name, for example:
This file is always created in the same location where your default data file was. This file could also be in a folder on your network if you are sharing the file. 
However the default location is the: 
C:\Program Files\TATEMS 2005\ folder on a 32 bit version of Windows
C:\Program Files (x86)\TATEMS 2005\ folder on a 64 bit version of Windows
Make a copy of the point in time backup file by right clicking on the file, choosing copy, then right click in the same folder and choose paste. 
The result will be a copy of the point in time backup. 
You should rename the copy by right clicking on the file and choosing rename and then renaming it to: tatems2005be.mdb
Renaming Note: If your extensions are hidden you may not see the .mdb at the end of the file names. You should un-hide them first before attempting any renaming.

1. Open a folder or open explorer
2. Click the Layout button or Tools
3. Click Folder Options
4. Click the View tab
5. Un-check Hide extensions for known file types
6. Click OK

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