Entering a new Piece of Equipment

Entering a new Piece of Equipment

These steps will explain how to add a new piece of equipment. Each field is addressed individually. Grayed fields are not available for entering information. That field is populated from other sources. See the individual field titles for further information.

* Click on the Records menu at the top of screen and choose Add New Equipment each time to add a new piece of equipment. It’s going to ask you to enter a number that identifies that piece of equipment. (Enter a number with no spaces) You’ll get the following messages: 

Note: Make sure that you are using a new number. Using an existing number could cause problems with your records.

* “Please wait while a new record is created”. Click OK.
* “Equipment Number (the # you picked) added.” Click OK.
* “Since you’ve added a new piece of equipment, do you want to have the system to re-create the sort order?” Click yes if you want the sort order recreated.

Enter Description: For example: (1983 Ford F700 Water Truck)

Type: This is to enter the equipment type. For example: Truck/Tractor, Trailer, Fork Lift, etc. There is a drop down list and if your selection is not there highlight the box and type it into add it in on the fly.

Note: If you are going to add Equipment Types then you should add all your Equipment Types before you add more than a couple of pieces of equipment.

(See the “Change Global Inspection Items List” section under File-Setup)
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