Downgrade or revert to an older previous version of TATEMS

Downgrade or revert to an older previous version of TATEMS

If you have accidentally installed a newer version of TATEMS that you were not eligible for then you can follow these steps to downgrade

Before you install the old version it you need to:

Uninstall the newer version of TATEMS by going to the Add Remove program in Windows

then you rename the folder called

"TATEMS 2005" to "TATEMS 2005-Old"  that will be inside of

C:\Program Files\

or the

C:\Program Files (x86)\


Then complete the installation using the old version that you can get from here

Then close TATEMS and then restart TATEMS and then send us the

Computer Name
Serial number
Version Number

These items are on the TATEMS registration screen.

Once we get these items we will reply back with the reg number for the old version on that computer.

Additionally, if you have already linked to the old data file with the newer version of TATEMS that you were not eligible for, then you will need to start over from before the time you updated.

You will find the backup file that was made on the server or your computer with a date time stamp in the file name like this


You need to first rename the existing file in the shared folder from

tatems2005be.mdb to tatems2005be-old-after-updated-to-( adjust for version and approximate date) .

Then rename the backup that was made with the date time stamp just before the backup (if you allowed TATEMS to do the backup for you) from

something like




that file will be on your shared folder if you are networking of it will be in TATEMS 2005-old folder that you renamed in the first step after you uninstalled.

then copy it back into the default TATEMS folder on your machine like C:\Program Files (x86\TATEMS 2005\)

or if your data file is on the network the re-link to it from your computer using the Tools->Networking screen in TATEMS.

Then you will need to enter the registration key one more time so send the computer name, serial number and version number from the TATEMS registration screen after you downgrade
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