Compact And Repair A TATEMS Database

Compact And Repair A TATEMS Database

If your data file is on the same computer where TATEMS is installed then close TATEMS.

Then make a backup copy of your database file just for an extra level of safety. 

The database file is called tatems2005be.mdb  and should be located inside the TATEMS 2005 folder which is inside either C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86) 

Then search the word "Compact" in Windows start menu. 

You should see a Compact & Repair TATEMS Data File (This Computer) 

Click on that shortcut in the search or start menu and the Compact and Repair Processes will start. 

Wait for the screen to close.  This may take a number of minutes depending on how big your database and how fast your computer is. 

I have seen it take as long as 25 minutes on some machines and a split second on others with small databases.

For Network Environments 

To do a compact and repair on the data file if the data file is on a network you will need to copy the data file to a local machine that has a current installation of TATEMS.

Copy it to the \TATEMS 2005\ folder that is inside either:

C:\Program Files\
C:\Program Files (x86)\

but you should rename the empty data file (tatems2005be.mdb) in that folder first to tatems2005be-old.mdb then paste the file from the network into that folder.

Be sure TATEMS is closed then in the Windows Start menu there a shortcut called "Compact & Repair TATEMS Data File (This Computer)"

Click that and wait for it to finish.

Then go cut the file that has been repaired and before you paste it back in to the shared location on the network you should rename the original one in that folder to something like:


  1. Paste the file that you did the compact and repair on into the appropriate folder on the network. 
  2. Go back to the local TATEMS 2005 folder and rename the empty data file back to its original name "tatems2005be.mdb" (without the quotes).
  3. Then try TATEMS again.

If you need to restore the data file from a backup see the page here:
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