Archiving Old Data

Archiving Old Data

To archive old TATEMS data and there are a couple 
of approaches you could take.

Both approaches involve this step:

Make a copy of your data (tatems2005be.mdb) file and then 
rename the copy to something like: 
"TATEMS-Archive-Data-1-6-2010 and before.mdb"

You can then link to that file whenever you need to see the old data. 

As for the current data file that you want to clean up:

If you delete a piece of equipment you are also deleting all the 
associated records like Lube/services, Inspections, Work Orders 
etc. So you can just delete one piece of equipment at a time, thereby
deleting any other data that you want to clean out. 

After you clean it out you should do a backup and compact to 
shrink the size of the data file. 

You can also start over with a fresh empty data file and just 
start from scratch. 

You can get an empty data file here

WARNING: Make sure you have a backup of your data
before you overwrite it with an empty data file. 

Also whenever you do backups or make copies of 
the data file, TATEMS must be closed on all workstations.

If you have a large number of trucks and you only want 
to remove the history without re-entering all your trucks 
then let me know and if you are still eligible for support 
We'll  do it for you for no charge.
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