Adding Equipment Picture

Adding Equipment Picture

You don't actually upload a picture into the program.

When you use the Equipment Picture button in TATEMS you are creating a link to a picture of that equipment on your computer or on a server.

The picture must be in a specific format. It must be in the bitmap format have the .bmp extension.

You can use Microsoft Paint which is included in all versions of Windows to open your picture and then save it as a .bmp(bitmap) file.

It is also best if you re-size the image to either:

5 x 3 inches or 320 x 216 pixels at 72 dpi

Then you can link to the picture using the Equipment Picture button.

And from that point on when you click the Equipment Button or print a unit information report you will see the picture.

The only exception is if you delete or move the picture to a different location.

Here is the video that shows you how to do it all:

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